Announcing the Winner of Our Bi-Annual Short Story Competition!

31st May 2022

We can now officially announce the winner of this leg of our Bi-Annual short story competition: Congratulations to Sotto Voce, ‘Orange Sundress’!
A huge thanks to runners-up Pat Marshall, and Jane Bradshaw. We loved reading your stories and learning more about your processes!
You’ll be able to find all three stories in our eventual anthology, alongside winners from other legs of the competition.
We should also say thank you to Samantha Palmer and Writer’s Island Page for helping us to spread the word about the competition. Make sure you check out their group, they do fantastic work to energize authors.
Finally, thanks to all those that voted – nearly 150 of you! This competition wouldn’t have been possible without you. We hope you guys will stick around in the Rogue Reader group, and keep an eye for new stories that come to our site.
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