Autumn Update – Halloween Horror & Rogue Reader Group

26th Sep 2020

Hi everyone,

First things first, welcome to the new site! Where did you all come from? Our first month has seen a record number of visitors compared to the old site. It’s been hectic but extremely rewarding to see so many new faces; we hope you enjoy what the site has to offer. If this is your impression of Rogue Animal, let us give you a quick introduction – we’re dedicated to helping bring exposure to indie creators of novels and comics. By allowing us to host your story, you’re gaining free promotion both on our site and on social media. We review all stories first to ensure they meet our standards, head over to the submissions page if you’d like to know more.

But what have we got planned this autumn (fall for you Americans)? Well, with Halloween just around the corner, just like last year, we want to do something to mark this year’s spooky season. Starting mid October, we’ll be launching a new section on the home page “Halloween Horror” submit your stories/comics today to be included!

Something else that might interest visitors to our site, we’ve set up a ‘Rogue Reader’ group on Facebook. We want to get to know readers on our site, and find out what they want to see from us. By joining the group, you’ll be the first to know about new events and you can give us direct feedback about the site (good and bad). We’ll also be encouraging authors to join, so they can connect with their fan bases and tease new releases. The group is open to everyone, join today:

So thank you to everyone that’s joined us here, we hope you’ll stick around. We’ve got so much planned for the site, much of which will be announced in the months to come.

Until next time,

Michael & Joe.


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