10 Keys to Attain Happiness


“What are you doing to make your life happier?
This book talks about 10 principles that need to be adopted to live a life full of happiness, well-being, and fulfillment. These 10 principles are created based on the research conducted in the field of psychology in the leading universities of the world. Many great researchers, who have conducted many experiments in this field, have suggested various activities that can be converted into habits to sustain a high level of happiness index.
This book is all about understanding the basics of happiness and the research, so it becomes easier for readers to practice the exercises and develop these as a part of the daily routine. All the exercises are free of cost but require three vital things that are easily available but hard to conduct – a few minutes in a day, consistency and dedication.
Remember, happiness is a choice. Our every decision and action has a deep impact in our life and also affects our happiness.



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