A Step into Darkness

658 Views Craig Wrightson


A normal family. A desperate Situation. And a tempting crime.
Consumed with rage, James Hall, a reformed family man, confronts the birth parents of his adopted daughter who he blames for her disability. It is here that James receives a firsthand insight to the harshness of inner city living, where darkness and brutality lurk at every turn. Could you choose evil over good if it was your daughter’s life on the line?
A Step into Darkness is an intelligent, murky, crime thriller, highlighting the true meaning of a father’s love, the close bond of a working class community whilst maintaining the themes of revenge, retribution and greed throughout.
A heart wrenching rollercoaster of emotion that will have you questioning your beliefs.
A Step into Darkness is a fast paced crime thriller set in the North East of England with multiple twists and a major reveal that will keep the reader guessing to the very last page.


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