An Anarchist Affair

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Tyrants Fall! Anarchy is Order! Down with Authority!

It’s 1896 and there’s revolution in the air! A Lancaster mill worker is found murdered at Lord Throckmorton’s mill. Enter Augustus Mulberry and Arthur Touchstone (Consulting Detectorators, qualifications pending) who are soon on the case.

The pair of rather defective detectives find themselves embroiled in political intrigue, low-octane chases, angry mobs and twitchy dragoons – and at the mercy of Inspector Kelsall’s housekeeper’s breakfasts (which come with desserts) – until they crack the case.

The clock is ticking down as tensions in Lancaster rise. The workers are growing restless and the mill owner is out for blood, most likely Mulberry’s.

Will our intrepid detectorators solve the case in time or will they be too full of Mme Laroche’s caramelised apple tart to finger the culprit?

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