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It’s been ten years since the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated into full-scale nuclear war. The 7th Fleet of the United States Navy still fights the communist threat in the East, but Taiwan is being overrun by China’s People’s Liberation Army. As the island faces its deadliest armed conflict ever waged, five unique individuals confront the battlefield before them and the raging battles within their own hearts.

Merdoc and Adrock, are American Navy pilots who experience the triviality of war. Ikari, a mercenary, is on a pursuit through Taiwan to find her helpless younger sister before invading soldiers find her. On the opposing side, Jia and Zach are People’s Liberation Army infantrymen duty-bound to reunite the island of Taiwan with mainland China. Their lives may seem disconnected and random, but together these people hold the power to bring this war to an end. If only they could stop trying to kill each other just long enough to imagine this war from another angle.

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