Beneath the Remains


There has been a massacre in the desert. Dozens executed under the order of Jose De Santos, a lieutenant in the ruthless De Santos drug cartel. Men and women cut down in a hail of bullets.

Among them, alive and hidden under the bodies, is undercover DEA agent Michelle Vasquez… and her lover Helena Esposito, slain by the cartel firing squad. From beneath the remains of these murdered souls, Vasquez emerges with a deep and shattering grief that transforms into an unrelenting, burning rage.

And so begins a chase through the brutal heat of the desert, in which Michelle Vasquez unleashes a crusade of vengeance with a single goal: to destroy Jose De Santos and the cartel men who killed Helena and ripped her great love from this world.

Written in fast-paced continuous prose and packed with vivid action sequences, Beneath the Remains is a relentless, white-knuckle action thriller and a gripping tale of revenge.

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