Better Living Through Selective Apathy


Better Living Through Selective Apathy is your helpful guide to achieving a healthy and balanced life. Making a conscious decision about what is worth caring about helps us to understand the reasons why we have stress and anxiety in the first place, and how to avoid the majority of stress-causing variables in our daily life.

We are bombarded with “daily atrocities” from every direction. Every one of these are molehills we are expected to turn into mountains, but doing so only strands us in a mountain range from which there is no escape. We cannot be effective in coping with problems or creating necessary change in our world when we are spread in too many directions.

Better Living Through Selective Apathy does not mean refusing to care about anything. It is learning to step back and objectively examine every piece of information we have presented to us, and determining an appropriate response instead of having a knee-jerk reaction. It is being selective with which molehills we make in.

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