Black Metal Dad: A Journey Into the Dark Underbelly of Parenthood

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For too long, humanity has wrapped itself in a cloak of lies that have indoctrinated us into believing having a family is a worthy endeavour. Our narrator, M’Lord Chook, shreds this cloak like an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo.

We are given front row seats on a journey that takes everything we thought we knew about living with kids and hurls it into a demonic woodchipper.

In this tale of two parts, M’Lord guides us through every facet of the horrors endured in raising a family. A tale of rainbows and unicorns this book most definitely is not.

This story has teeth.

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M'Lord Chook 3rd Jul 2023

G’day all, I hope you are well. I was just curious if any of this site’s members have had a look at my book, even just the sample provided. What are your thoughts?


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