Bound in Blood

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His brother abandoned him as a child with nothing more than a note. He returned fifteen years later with consequences for their family. Tristan never forgave him for that night on the beach. Or for the secrets Aran still keeps.

Jamaica born, Susannah Gray came to Washington for nursing school and to find more about her father’s side of the family. She never counted on finding herself in a war, or the shadowy world surrounding it. Mythology was meant to stay on the written page, not become reality to her. It wasn’t supposed to be real, but it’s hard to deny when the boyfriend’s older brother is barely human.

The curse placed on his brother was one meant for him but it rebounded, seeking the younger, weaker sibling. Aran never intended to stay long, just fill a promise made when he was seventeen. Obligation to Tristan kept him from leaving as planned, even while the witch that cast the curse, may be more than he appears to be.

They’re all bound by their pasts, and blood.

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