Carronia Incursion

686 Views Ted B Hale


For over two millennia colony ships left Earth, seldom to be heard from again. Now a means of faster than light travel has been discovered and the Galactic Union formed, reuniting the human diaspora. Most of the hundred worlds rediscovered by the GU Space Force Officiate have similar advanced technology. But a few worlds are discovered where colonies failed and all technology was lost. These primitive societies are sequestered for their own protection. Carronia is one of these worlds where mysterious visitors are causing trouble.

SFO Enforcement Officer Teo Silva is dispatched to investigate the mystery but he and his canine partner are unprepared for the complexities and dangers the situation will present.

Nora may appear to be a typical girl from a small village, but her mysteries run deep. She knows of the advanced technology that is banned on Carronia. What other secrets does she hold?


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