Humorous Tales of the Farm

351 Views Pip Langdown


Have you ever wondered
what animals get up to?

The following are true stories of my various encounters and mishaps
from around the farm while working as a female farmer.
When dealing with any livestock they can have their own agenda,
take Butch the Goose he certainly had his eyes set on the local cyclist
back tyres or Horace the boar who decided to go exploring and ended
up in someone’s vegetable plot?
You never know what they are going to do next, you have to try to be
one step ahead of them or they end up making you look a complete
jackass, the most important ingredient is a sense of humour.
In the early days when I first started to keep pigs, I definitely should
have read the manual where it said warning Usain Bolt
on four trotters.
I also have this unfortunate knack of thinking, which has got me into
hot water on more than one occasion.

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