Iron Blood & Sacrifice (Return of the Yellow Dog)


With the Roman General Gaius Julius Caesar on the verge of launching his second and much larger invasion of Prydein, the country he is about to invade is riven by politics and a failing religion.

Untimely death dances hand-in-hand with the murderous, Brythonic kind of power politics which grips the country from the threatened south coast to the most northern. The all-inclusive and Druid-led unity they had achieved the previous year and to so much success was now a forgotten and unachievable goal, as Caswallawn the King of the Southern Brythons has decreed a ‘northern exclusion’, infuriating the three northern Federations which had sacrificed so much in the previous war. King Caswallawn gets what he asked for, as in the face of complete annihilation, he must now face the all-conquering Romans alone, becoming far more isolated and beleaguered than he bargained for.

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