Iron Blood & Sacrifice (The Sacking of Bidog)


Britain in 54 BC, is a mysterious land clinging to the edge of the known world, and the Roman General Gaius Julius Caesar; the scourge of the Gauls is on the point of his second invasion. This foreign General and his monstrous army which threaten their southern coast, although beaten on their first incursion the previous year will return in much greater numbers this summer, and the ‘werrin’ of Prydein fear the worst. Their country is ruled by five great Kings in this Brythonic period of pre-discovery, and its rich, ancient and vibrant culture is under threat from the conquerors of all.
Prince Cadwy is the son of one of those Kings, and battle-proven in last year’s defence of Britain, he has settled into his new lands of Bidog with his equally new and pregnant wife at his side. With the picturesque and busy market town of Draenwen at the heart of his new territories, this celebrated Albion Tywysog seems to have everything a man could want in life, but all that is about to change.

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