Shadows of the Past


Tormenting dreams. A shadowy figure with all the answers. Is he leading her to the truth, or plunging her deeper into her nightmares?

Josie Benson has exactly what she wants – a happy, quiet life. She’s lived a charmed life for her nearly twenty-five years on the earth. Then the nightmares started…

Chased by an unidentified entity, clutching a book with blood-covered hands, the vivid nightmares terrify Josie, making her afraid to close her eyes. With no identifiable source of the nightmares, Josie struggles to maintain her grip on reality as her health deteriorates.

When a stranger arrives, promising answers, Josie finds herself drawn to him, despite the protestations of everyone around her. But does he hold the answers to curing her or will he plunge her further into danger? Can Josie discover the secrets that lurk in the shadows of her past or will her nightmares destroy her?


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