Sojin (Voice that Thunder #3.5)

1221 Views Cully Mack


Some dreams dig deep into the soul and never let go. They call for vengeance!
Before the gods, before the war, there lived a freckled-face little mugger called Sojin. He dreamed of growing into manhood, finding a wife and settling down. But that was before…
On the run, hiding from gods, giants and chimeric beasts, Sojin meets a new foe. Lestas, a brigand who demands Sojin pay his dues and join his band of runners. As Sojin strives to stay alive, he refuses to abandon a new dream. To kill the god who murdered his mother.
It’s an impossible dream until he spies a stranger. A formidable rogue, an assassin, a thief—an Acquisitioner. Some say he speaks to the wind, and she listens. His name is Ammo. You may have heard of him?
Sojin is an epic fantasy prequel which can be read at any point in the series. It focuses on Ammo and Sojin, two awesome characters who appear in the Voice that Thunders series.


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