Sunsets on the Eastern Plain

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What defines you: Is it your words? Your actions? The company you keep? In 2021, the world started to decide for you, placing number on your face never to be erased. Your morality was written on your face and a world of black and white, good and bad, took hold over humanity. Lucy led an idyllic life: a student at NYU, two friends who would do anything for her both with positive natures, a good and healthy life until she receives her mark, one divinely inked onto her face after 18 years of assuming she’d remain an ordinary 0 all her life. Her mark thrusts her into a life of confusion, fear, and learning as she becomes a pawn to bigger powers at play. Helpless without the choice of who she really is or has become, Lucy must adapt to a life with a new definition, a new reputation, and a new understanding of who she is. A journey of self-discovery and acceptance as much as a fantasy tale of sweeping drama and action, Sunsets on the Eastern Plane sets out what it means to be free in a world where everything is already decided based on a tiny inked number: the destiny of possibility.

Ch. 22/28

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