Tainted Eden

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(ONGOING) Lotos’ soul will be torn from her in one year. After being bit by the demonic May Queen, a Cryptid from the cursed lands; Lotos has been cursed. The curse comes in the form of a Reaper’s Seed. This plant saps her soul from her and traps it within, waiting to be harvested by May Queen.

The only hope of undoing this dreaded curse is to slay May Queen. However, things are not as they seem.

Join Lotos on a dark fantasy odyssey across foreign lands, fantastical vistas, and a cast of memorable characters.

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Comments (2)

Joe Scott 15th Jul 2020

Yay it’s up!


Mark 22nd Aug 2020

Thanks for everyone reading Tainted Eden so far! It means the world to me! I will be updating the Prologue with color pages very soon! Please look forward to the fully colored TE!


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