The Fierce Are Fading (Book 1 of the Fierce Saga)


The first book of the Fierce Saga features Riley Harper, a troubled and tired floater agent with the FBI, on assignment in Seattle to assist the local Police Department in finding a serial killer. When her partner, Officer Peter Drake, goes missing, Riley believes the case is much bigger than a simple killing spree. After officials declare her partner to be dead, Agent Harper embarks on a mission to find Officer Drake, despite being ordered to stand down. When she stumbles upon clues that hint at a massive shadow organization working behind the scenes, Riley teams up with a deadly female assassin and a complicated mental patient to further her own investigation. Scorned by the Bureau, Agent Harper goes rogue to find out more about this secret group known only to a few as THE M.O.R.S. INITIATIVE. This edition features a black and white preview of the graphic novel adaption.

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