The Timekeeper’s Conspiracy


Simon’s workaholic father left when he was a young boy. He had never given his father much thought at all, until a mysterious package arrived after his 21st birthday. A dangerous ripple effect begins the moment the package is opened.

Simon and his best friend Luke are drawn into a complex war with Dr. Tate Pedersen and his vast team, who have vowed to create a pandemic by releasing a deadly virus upon the world. Dr. Pedersen will stop at nothing to see his mission accomplished. Kidnapping, manipulation, poisoning and murder are just a few of his tactics.

The countdown has begun, they have 8 months to prevent the virus from being unleashed on March 18th. As the war rages Simon is forced to uncover ugly truths about his past, the people he loves, and the world he thought he lived in.

Can Tate be stopped?

Just how deep does the conspiracy go?

How many will die?

Who will survive?

Only time will tell.

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