What Evil Lurks…A Collection Of Short Stories Depicting The Tainted Unhuman Condition

538 Views Matt Martinek


Sometimes, there is a glitch. A massive one, in the cerebrum. No one really knows why it happens, but it does. Every single day, all around the world. When a man ceases to be a man, and transforms into something…else. It can manifest itself in the form of a killer, a pervert, a predator, a sadist, a monster, or even a simple victim…a piece of meat. The possibilities are many. But the glitch itself always comes from the same place…a dark place…one of hurt and longing. Enjoy the tales within these pages. Mark them well. Maybe, just maybe, there is a glitch within you, as well.

Included is one full sample story
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Hardcover Ultimate Edition (with extras): $12.99

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