About me:

I'm a UK artist hoping to make a career as a manga artist. I decided to pursue art as a career after leaving school for an incredibly boring office job. I'd spend all my free time drawing so I figured, why not turn what I loved into my job? I started practising and I haven't stopped since. I found my inspiration from anime, which led me to manga, which led me to my favourite artists. I dissected everything I read and looked at (and still do) to improve myself and finally started posting my work online about five months ago 


Goals and Ambitions:

It's pretty hard to find inspiration for manga over here in the West without leaning over to a comic book style or stories based on magic and wizards (which is fine but Its not my thing), so my ULTIMATE goal is to be an inspiration to others who also want to be a manga artist. As far as my other ambitions, at the moment I just really want to earn money from my art so I can focus on it fully, rather than constantly looking for part time work. I try to upload a page every day but I'd love to post more than that to get through my stories faster, I can see myself improving with every page so hopefully that can become a reality soon.


My series on Webtoon (where I have the most followers): 


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