Community Guidelines

Respectful Behaviour

Users must respect copyright, only send content that belongs to you and do not take other users content from the site (unless you have explicit permission from the original author).

Treat others how you would which to be treated, bullying is not tolerated on the Rogue Animal site. Constructive criticism is welcome but it must be shared in a respectful way.

Respect other people’s privacy don’t share personal details such as real names without permission or anything that could harm a users’ safety.


Mature Content

We will have a place for mature content in the future, at this time we will not accept content that features explicit sex.

We do not expect content that promotes, racism or encourages hate, abuse or discrimination of any nature.

We do not accept content that promotes illegal activities or glorifies self harm or suicide.

As with any webhosting site online there is a risk that someone could take or print screen your work. we are not ultimately responsible for your content, however, we will notify you if we become aware of any wrongdoing.

we are not responsible for anyone under age accessing the 18 plus section of our website, as we have put a age disclaimer before anyone can access it.

If you are an author, don’t spam other author’s comment sections with self promotion, as this will just be deleted.

Reporting Bad Behaviour

You can report people by emailing us at [email protected] or through contacting us through our social medias.

When we receive a report, we will look into the case and depending on the severity of the case, we will either send the owner of the account a warning or remove their account from the site.

We will only act on content that violates our community guidelines.


If you feel that there is something that we should be covering in this section, let us know by emailing us at [email protected].