A Story isn't showing up

We use the Wix PDF viewer to provide content on our site. Currently there is a known issue with the software that Wix say they are fixing. The bug means that some stories aren't available for viewing. We will update this page when we known more.

I can't view a story on my phone. 

Sadly traditional stories cannot be viewed on mobile phones due to software limitations.

Why can’t we upload work to your site ourselves? 

This is to ensure that the work is of a standard that we feel happy to host. This is also to make that neither spam or work that infringes with our terms and conditions gets onto the site.

Can people download or print my work through the PDF viewer? 

No, we have have disabled all features that allow users to download or print work. If you find work with a print or download option, please inform us immediately and we will rectify the issue. 

When Should I send in updates for my comic or novel?

We update every Friday (GMT) so please bear this in mind when submitting work.


Are you a publisher? 

Not yet, although in the future we aim to publish the stories that get the most hits on our site. 


One of the works on your site belongs to me.

Please email us at Rogueanimalpublishing@hotmail.com, as long as you can prove that the work belongs to you, we will have it removed ASAP. You can also contact us through our social media channels. 


How can I become a founder?
At this stage only authors that have been with us from the beginning can become founders. At a later date, Patreon users can become founders.

What does it mean to be a founder?

Founding authors are always guaranteed promotion on our home page.

Can people  buy my book from your site? 

Not from our site directly, however you can direct readers to the author's selling point. We are not responsible for sales or lack thereof. 


My blog didn’t upload. What should I do? 

Try reopening your web browser. If this doesn't work email us, and we will look into the problem. 


Can I host my work on other sites?

Yes. We realise authors need as much exposure as possible and that means featuring your work on multiple sites. We will however, provide an ‘Exclusive to Rogue Animal’ tab for those authors that only use our site. 


How do I become a member? 

Just select the ‘login’ button at the top right of the home page. From there you can follow your favourite creators and their blogs.


Do I still own the rights to my work? 

Yes. We only host your work, all rights still belong to you.

I want my work removed from the site.

If you want your work to be removed, contact us via our email address (rogueanimalpublishing@hotmail.com)  email and we will delete it from the site. 

Do you accept poetry? 

We only accept poetry collections.

Why do I need to send a PDF to submit work?

The software that we use to upload work requires files to be uploaded in a PDF format.  We are not responsible for editing. 


How do I follow my favourite authors?

You can either follow them through the member area on our site, or by going to their own social medias. 

A button/link doesn't work. What do I do?

If a link or button does not work, please contact us through our email address  or through our social media.

Where can I give my feedback?

Head to the forum on our site,  where we have a section dedicated to feedback. 

Why has there been no updates?

If there have been no updates on your favourite content, it means that we have not received new content. If you need more information about your favourite comics or books, contact the author directly.

I can't contact an author.

If you can't find a link to contact an author, this is due to the author's request.