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Sotto Voce


Sotto Voce is a dreamer. They have always wanted to experience the world in person or through imagination.

Having been moving around since they were young, they have difficulty identifying only one place as home, so instead of being associated with a specific place or culture, home is where the loved ones and the dog is.

Their twenty-over-years of working experience teach them a lot about humans; the good, the bad, the mess, and the reality that despite all those years spent, they still don’t get much closer to understanding them, but they continue to try as they believe everyone has their personal struggle in their existence in the world and relationships. This is reflected a lot in their works and story ideas.

Aside from writing and trying as much as possible to be away from awkward social interactions, they actually enjoy socializing with selective people in outdoor activities because nature is their passion; scuba diving, hiking, trekking, to name a few. More have been dropped since they haven’t managed to get their hand on the fountain of youth yet. Besides those, they enjoy chilling and baking at home, riding a motorcycle and strolling at the beach with faithful dogs and befriending whatever dogs that don’t mind their presence.




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