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👋🏼 Hello! This is my first time ever making/publishing a manga, but I’ve decided to bring my written stories to life by finally creating it like I have always wanted to!

I was always into the horror genre in general and would love writing stories and drawing manga about them.  So I thought, why not actually make one for real. So, because I have taken a few years off drawing, I decided to collaborate with a few artists from across the world to make mangas!

I’m simply doing this as a hobby and of course, because it’s fun and I enjoy it. So I will be releasing my manga as FREE to view for everyone. But for those interested, I have made a ‘paid’ patreon subscription for those who want to support me (lol), have early access to chapters before publication, sneak peaks, maybe polls and votes regarding the characters and story, and 50% of the subscription fees that I receive will go to different charities each month 🙂

If my first manga gains traction and I get enough patrons I will make the more ‘expensive’ tiers a bit more exclusive, but for now, I’m happy with whatever I can get 😀

So yeah, I’m excited. Hope you enjoy.