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What to say about myself without sounding weird? Here goes nothing:

I love to laugh, I enjoy the outdoors, I read and write every day and am happy to be alive. I have a great family that brings me joy and makes my crow’s feet around my eyes get more defined every day. I try not to be too serious, but sometimes can’t help myself. I have a knack for forgetting things, I start projects with all of the gusto in the world and some stick while others are left like skeletons in the desert.

I am currently working and living in Israel, but only temporarily. I’m Canadian, eh! I was born in a beautiful country, lived in two other countries before leaving home to join the Canadian Armed Forces and have been loving life ever since.

I married the best woman in the world. She also happens to be my best friend, honest broker, part-time editor and that person who makes you laugh when you need it most. My two girls keep me young, and are the inspiration for some of my novels.




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