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Ted Striker


Ted Striker is a teacher with a passion for writing. His joy has always been sharing his stories with others and he started writing adventure stories when he was just nine years old. His inspirations were the old Howard Pyle stories like “Merry Adventures of Robin Hood” and “Men of Iron.”  He later mentored with R.E. Howard and Conan (the Barbarian, not O’Brien.) Ted is the father of 4, grandfather of 9 and is currently living in Texas with his wife. Although writing is constantly on his mind, family has always been his priority. Ted makes the most of his summer vacations traveling to Arizona, Brazil, or Canada to visit his daughter and extended family. At home in Texas or on the road, he plays hard with his family until it’s time to write, then burns the midnight BTUs until he’s met his quota. He is currently working on the much anticipated third book in the Scion of Two Pantheons series.





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