Our Plans for the year ahead: (OLD SITE)

1st Jan 2020

Now that 2019 is officially over and we begin our journey into 2020, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the past year; we’ve set up the website, met a whole host of interesting authors with good stories to tell, taken part in interviews and published the first editions of our magazine. The chance to do all of this has been brilliant and we want to say a big thanks to everyone that’s worked with us.

We also recognise that there are some areas that we need to approve upon; we haven’t always been as active on social media as we should’ve and sometimes we’ve been too sluggish in responding to emails. These are all things we aim to improve upon this year. In fact, we want 2020 to be an even bigger year than the last. Within the next few weeks we will begin an advertising campaign with the aim of bringing new readers/writers to the website. We hope to attend events and meet members of the writing community face to face and share our vision. Rogue Animal was born from a frustration of lack of opportunities for new authors, and we’re sure that there are many others feeling the same. The chance to meet you all and hear your stories, will be a big part of shaping the future direction of the website. We also plan to start populating the ‘opportunities’ page, so that members don’t miss out on any chances to promote their work.

This is just a small snapshot into our plans this year, and we’ll outline more in the months ahead. For now, we’d like once again to thanks those that have stuck with us this year and we hope you’ll join us into the next chapter of Rogue Animal’s story.

All the best,

Michael & Joe


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