Send us your novel, graphic novel, comic, manga, one-shot or short story; if your work meets our standards, it will be uploaded. To send us work, create an account and click the ‘Upload’ button on the top right of your screen. You can either send a sample, a complete work, or you can upload in installments. Alongside your work, we will need a book cover and a brief synopsis.

Note: We will not be able to provide cover illustrations. More information can be found in the FAQ. Once work is submitted, there will be a review process, new books are added every week.

Every new book on the site is given at least a week on the homepage, so every story has a chance to shine.

Please only send a complete book if that is what you intend to be promoted on the site. Samples should start from the beginning of the book. 

We are currently unable to accept erotica.

What is meant by a good standard?

For Books:

We’re looking for work that has evidence of an author that is committed; it should be professionally put together (this should include a professional book cover for novels), with a clear plot running throughout. It should be well written and there should be no spelling errors.

We recommend including your book cover at the beginning of your PDF document, as well as sending it separately (This goes for comic PDFs too). We also advise using a size 18 font.

For Comics:

We value commitment and passion. This should be clear in your work. Comics should read well and text should be placed in a way that doesn’t confuse the reader on where to read next. They should include font that makes the work look professional and easy to read.

Good storytelling is key – Have an end goal, writing the script before starting drawing always helps. A good cover is also important – people judge books by covers, make yours amazing.

Decent artwork helps to sell the book, but we accept people who show evidence of the above.

If you want to sell on our store:

As well as following the above guidelines, you should include the price of your book in the ‘Description’ section when uploading



If you’re updating your story, please submit the full file with any new additions included. You don’t need to resend the synopsis. Please send a minimum of five new pages per update.

Note for Comic authors: If you’re uploading your comic using a series of images, please provide page numbers for each page (either on the document itself or through file names). If you don’t include page numbers we won’t know what order your comic goes in.

How an image upload will look: 

How a PDF upload will look: 


Here’s how to create a PDF file:
Here’s how to compress a PDF file:
You can make the PDF smaller by heading to this site:
Here’s how to compress images: